Love Shorts

Kullu Manali

Her name meant that she was a bird born to fly. Ironically, she had never learnt to fly. One fine day, she met him... The wings of love lead her to the skies... Will destiny let her fly forever or will the skies, be touched again, never ?

From an Arranged Marriage Diary

Arranged Marriages aren't an easy crack anymore... or may be they were never... Rejecting 3 and rejected by 4, her present score is 3/4. She badly wants to level the scores. While she cannot let the next one reject her, she knows that rejecting isn't easy too.

A Handful of Love

The story, they thought had ended, just turned out to be the beginning... They met again and this time for a little longer... Destiny's twist and his presence made her realize that her existence was for a much larger purpose than she had thought it to be...

Dilli Dharamshala

An accidental trip from Delhi to Dharamshala, where the trajectories of 4 lives intersect each other... Little do they know that this trip is going to change their lives forever - A story about realizing dreams, overcoming fears, discovering friendship and experiencing love ...